[ONLINE] - Amanda Ripley, High Conflict


Many books attempt to make sense of the polarization and division that have consumed American politics in recent years, but Amanda Ripley's HIGH CONFLICT examines why so many people in their daily lives are susceptible to the fevered win-lose scenarios that often define our social media feeds. But don't despair; Ripley recounts how people in different contexts (including divorces, labor walk-outs, political fights) have managed to break free from the grip of us-versus-them struggles, and examines real-life strategies that can help us all pull back from viewing much of life as a high conflict. Join Future Tense for a conversation with Ripley on how we can all help to turn down the vitriol.

This event is presented in partnership with Solid State Books.

Amanda Ripley, @amandaripley
Author, High Conflict
Former New America Fellow

David Plotz, @DavidPlotz
CEO, City Cast

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