[ONLINE] - Will We Ever Vote on Our Phones?


In 2020, it seems like there’s no good way to vote: We’re in the midst of a pandemic, making it risky for many to cast a ballot in person, but voting by mail seems increasingly fraught, too. If only there was some interconnected network that would allow for the dependable exchange of information…

Online voting, of course, carries its own problems—chief among them, major security risks. But some companies say that they are using new technologies, like blockchain, to allow you to vote from the comfort of your home, no stamp required. Join Future Tense for a discussion about whether you might someday be able to cast your ballot on your smartphone.


Lawrence Norden, @LarryNorden
Director, Election Reform Program, Brennan Center for Justice

Kevin Collier, @kevincollier
Reporter, NBC

Nimit Sawhney, @yenhwas
Co-Founder and CEO, Voatz


Jane C. Hu, @jane_c_hu
Future Tense Contributor

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