[ONLINE] - The United States of Anonymous, Jeff Kosseff


Do you have a right to express your views anonymously? That is both a timeless question dating back to the founding of our republic and the proliferation of political pamphlets, as well as an urgent one, given how tech-enabled anonymity has shaped the culture of online communication. Jeff Kosseff's fascinating new book, The United States of Anonymouslooks at the law, history, and policy considerations that determine our right to speak anonymously, and at times be harmed by the anonymous speech of others.

Join Future Tense to weigh the tradeoffs inherent in preserving our right to separate our identity from our communications.


Jeff Kosseff, @jkosseff
Associate Professor, Cyber Science Department, US Naval Academy
Author, The United States of Anonymous

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Nora Benavidez, @AttorneyNora
Senior Counsel and Director, Digital Justice & Civil Rights. Free Press
Faculty Associate, Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, ASU