[WEBINAR] - Achieving Digital Equity in India, Pakistan, and Beyond


Digital inclusion is about having the right access, skills, motivation and trust to confidently go online. Today’s network infrastructure is the lifeline on which much of modern life depends. Without it, the ramifications of Covid-19 would have been far more severe. As the internet becomes a public utility that shapes our social, political, and economic lives, we must take a hard look on what it means to be disconnected, and raise ambitions to meet people’s need for affordable meaningful connectivity. More than half of the world's population remains disconnected from the web, and therefore, unable to digitally access jobs, trainings, and vital marketplace connections. Connecting the rest of the world could potentially add $6.7 trillion to the digital economy.  

Join us for this Davos Lab dialogue hosted in partnership with Future Tense, the Global Shapers Bangalore Hub, and the Open Technology Institute to discuss the ramifications of the digital divide in India, Pakistan, the United States, and beyond. The Davos Lab is the world's first grassroot and youth-driven COVID-19 recovery plan, which will be showcased at the World Economic Forum Special Annual Meeting 2021.


Amrita Choudhury, @AmritaChoudhury
Director, CCAOI

Shah Faraz Salim
General Manager, Dawood Hercules Corporation Ltd

Sarah Morris, @sarmorris
Director, Open Technology Institute


Raashi Saxena, @RaashiSxn
Global Shapers Community, Bangalore Hub 
Global Project Coordinator, Hatebase at The Sentinel Project

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