The Other Great Power: China in the Era of Trump


Since President Trump took office, U.S.-China relations have been largely overshadowed by more urgent news stories. A number of critical developments have thus passed beneath the radar -- including mounting U.S. concern over North Korean missile tests, Beijing's efforts to bring Hong Kong further under control of the Communist Party, and growing military tensions in the South China Sea and elsewhere. 

What can we expect from the Trump administration in this area? And what is the outlook for China as it approaches a crucial leadership transition this fall? 

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Bill Bishop @niubi  
Editor, Sinocism Newsletter 

John Costello @CostelloJK
Senior Analyst for Cyber and East Asia, Flashpoint
Fellow, New America Cybersecurity Initiative

Bonnie S. Glaser @BonnieGlaser

Director, China Power Project, Center for Strategic and International Studies  


Mara Hvistendahl @MaraHvistendahl
Eric & Wendy Schmidt Fellow, New America