Ethical Use of Predictive Analytics in Higher Education

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Colleges are under increasing pressure to retain their students. The public and policymakers are demanding that those who enter college—especially students from underrepresented groups—earn a degree. 

Because of these pressures, institutions have begun analyzing data to predict whether a student will enroll, require extra support, and stay on track to graduate. Analyzing past student data to predict what students might do has helped institutions meet their enrollment and revenue goals with more targeted recruiting and strategic use of institutional aid. Predictive analytics has also allowed colleges to better tailor their advising services and personalize learning in order to improve student outcomes. 

But while these are worthwhile efforts, it is crucial for institutions to use predictive analytics ethically. Without strong ethical practices, student data could be used to curtail academic success rather than help ensure it. 

New America has published two papers on the ethical use of predictive analytics in higher education: The Promise and Peril of Predictive Analytics in Higher Education: A Landscape Analysis and Predictive Analytics in Higher Education: Five Guiding Practices for Ethical Use

Join us on Monday, May 15, 2017 from 1:00 to 2:30 for a conversation on the use and ethics of predictive analytics in higher education. 

Lunch will be provided. 

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12:30 pm Registration 

1:00 pm Opening Remarks 

Bill Moses, @kresgedu
Managing Director for The Kresge Foundation's Education Program

Iris Palmer, @irisonhighered
Senior Policy Analyst at New America 

1:15 pm Panel Discussion

Sylvia Cini 
Director of Special Projects at Central Piedmont Community College 

Mark Milliron, @markmilliron
Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer of Civitas Learning 

George Siemens, @gsiemens
Executive Director of the Link Research Lab at the University of Texas at Arlington 


Manuela Ekowo, @ekowohighered
Policy Analyst at New America