Seeking submissions for Cyber Citizenship portal

Help us identify instructional materials and other resources for teachers
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"Naked Lightbulbs" by B Tal is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
March 31, 2021

Earlier this year, New America and Cyber Florida joined forces to develop the Cyber Citizenship Initiative—a project that brings the national security experts and educators together to help build resilience and skills for combatting disinformation and misinformation. Part of this project involves building an open portal for educators (initially designed for PreK-12 teachers and school librarians) to help them find, filter, sort, and learn about existing instructional materials and teacher-training resources on this topic.

We welcome suggestions for what should populate this database. Fill out this survey form to submit links and descriptions of resources and please share the link with colleagues. We are seeking materials that support educators in teaching students how to:

1) identify characteristics of disinformation and misinformation

2) check for sources and determine the origins of streams of information, including motivations of authors and publishers

3) critically inquire about and seek evidence on the reliability and validity of information and

4) create and share media messages in ways that advance dialogue and civil discourse

-- With thanks to the National Association for Media Literacy Education and the Florida Center for Instructional Technology who are working with us to develop this portal. We see this as a first step in creating a community space for educators, researchers, and developers to share information about resources and approaches that are effective, as well as to identify the conditions that support that learning. We welcome suggestions and partnerships. Please contact Lisa Guernsey at or Peter Singer at for more information.

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