Tap, Click, Read

Growing Readers in a World of Screens
Sept. 21, 2015
With young children gaining access to a dizzying array of games, videos, and other digital media, will they ever learn to read? The answer is yes—if they are surrounded by adults who know how to help and introduced to media designed to promote literacy instead of undermining it. 

This book aims for a future that is human-centered first and tech-assisted second. We take readers through homes, classrooms, e-book publishing, futuristic laboratories, and the app marketplace to show how educators and parents can help children grow into strong, passionate readers using media of all kinds—print, digital, and everything in between. We call for new policies to pave a path to Readialand, a place where reading and media are joined in service of each other and new literacy opportunities are accessible to all families. We are motivated by the urgent need for low-income families to have access to the same 21st-century literacy opportunities already at the fingertips of today’s affluent families. Written for educators, parents, and anyone interested in helping to shape the next generation for the better.