[ONLINE] - The Great Stewardess Rebellion

Flight Attendant Labor Activism in History and Today

Flight attendants have been the face of our air travel for decades. Yet in those decades, they have had to fight vigorously to be paid fairly, treated equally, and even be allowed to get married or have children and keep their job. 

While it may surprise some to consider flight attendants as “militant union leaders, passionate organizers, or aggressive litigators”, it has proven true not only throughout their industry’s history, but well into the modern day. This is embodied now in the stories such as the current push by Delta flight attendants to create a union, which would be one of the largest unions created in recent history.

To understand the whirlwind story of flight attendant mobilization, author of The Great Stewardess Rebellion Nell McShane Wulfhart joins New America to share the compelling narratives in history that brought the flight attendant career to where it is today. 

But what exactly is the state of the flight attendant career today? International President of the Association of Flight Attendants Sara Nelson also joins the conversation to connect the historical battles with the current day battles for flight attendant worker activists across the country and globe. 

And to bring the history, current events, and labor movement’s future to life, current Delta flight attendant and union activist Jonnie Lane will share the story from the ground—and the sky—as the world watches to see where the journey of flight attendant labor activism will soar to next. 

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Nell McShane Wulfhart,
Author of The Great Stewardess Rebellion

Sara Nelson, @FlyingWithSara
International President of the Association of Flight Attendants

Jonnie Lane
Flight Attendant for Delta Airlines