[ONLINE] - Reimagining Work and our Workforce Through Mobility and Digital Innovation


New America CA is committed to elevating awareness of economic disparity and hardship (and the potential solution) that are impacting communities and cities across California in response to COVID-19. An important aspect of this challenge is the question of what work and our workforce will look like and how it will change as a result of this pandemic.

COVID-19 has permeated our economy and rewritten how we will invest in businesses, public sector supports, and public and private sectors collaboration. Collaborative work, business, and economy-related efforts were underway before the pandemic and are becoming far more important as work to ensure that we don’t squander the opportunity to rebuild the future - post COVID - with a more inclusive economy and ways of work that are an improvement, or more aligned to the coming change, than what we had.

Join New America CA on Thursday, May 21st at 2:30 PM PDT for "Reimagining our Workforce Through Mobility and Digital Innovation." This online community conversation will feature local, state, and national experts and will explore, "What does the future of our workforce and how we work look like and how can investments in mobility and digital innovation shape this future?"

Registration is free and open to all.


Anmol Chaddha,
Director - Equitable Futures Lab, Institute for the Future

Jeanne Holm, @JeanneHolm
Chief Data Officer, City of Los Angeles

John Irons
, @jsirons
Future of Work Fellow, New America
Former Director, Inclusive Economies , Ford Foundation

William Kehoe, @wmkehoe61
Chief Information Officer, Los Angeles County


Autumn McDonald,
Senior Fellow & Head of New America CA

Niles Friedman, @ncfriedm
Executive Advisor, Star Insights