Disrupting the Narrative: Unlocking Stories of Diversity in Tech

Tech companies are all about disruption. But who is disrupting the homogenous tech industry?

Today, Black and Latino students earn about 18% of computer science bachelors degrees, but make up only about 5% of the tech workforce at the industry's leading companies. Media coverage has been a critical component in the effort to diversify tech, shining a spotlight on low numbers of minorities employed at tech companies and what companies are doing to address it. Join us as New America CA Fellow Laura Weidman Powers, co-founder and CEO of CODE2040, asks leading journalists in the field to talk about how they see their role, what they choose to cover, and the future of diversity in the tech industry.


Ellen Huet

Tech Reporter, Bloomberg

Jessica Guynn

Senior Tech Writer, USA Today

Laura Weidman- Powers
Co-founder & CEO, CODE2040

New America CA Fellow

Megan Rose Dickey
Reporter, TechCrunch