Which One Of These Visions Of How We’ll Work In The Future Sounds Most Appealing?

In The News Piece in Fast Company
May 17, 2017

The Shift Commission's report was covered in Fast Company.

At a time when machines are getting smarter and more capable and traditional jobs are being replaced with looser forms of employment (from freelancing to gigs), America is agonizing over the future of work. Will there be enough well-paying jobs or “tasks” for everyone? Can we continue to depend on work as a universal provider, or will other forms of income have to take up the slack? Can we support growing numbers of elderly people who might not be able to work?

A year-long effort by the Shift Commission–a group formed by the New America Foundation and Bloomberg and involving 100 leading figures from technology, business, policy-making, and culture–took on some of these questions, imagining what the future of work might look like in 10 to 20 years, and, to a lesser extent, how we might prepare for that future.