Edition 87

A Post-Deal Primer on Iran

After months of debate, the negotiations have ended. Now that a nuclear deal with Iran is in place, here's what you need to know to stay inf

What We Know (and Don't) about Part-Time Work

To make better public policy for Americans working part-time jobs, we have recognize that they're not all the same. Experts at a recent New

Myanmar, interrupted

Myanmar recently announced its first open general election in 25 years, but as Brandon Tensley reveals, this development may not be the land

Beyond the Lobbying: Crafting U.S. Policy on Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan's fancy lobbyists are getting a lot of attention these days, but Lincoln Mitchell and Michael Cecire debunk the idea that lobbyin

For Manufacturing Turn Right at the Circulation Desk

Justin Lynch examines how - even in the age of dwindling library budgets - people are visiting new labs with 3D printers at their local publ

Whither Wi-Fi?

Find out what a panel of experts at a recent New America event had to say about a highly anticipated FCC ruling and how it could impact th

Prejudice Doesn't Turn a Profit

It might seem counter-intuitive that big corporations are good for social progress. Andrés Martinez outlines how they have lined up to oppos