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New America’s Top Resources on Terrorism 20 Years Since 9/11

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Walter Cicchetti /
Sept. 10, 2021

Twenty years ago, the tragic terrorist attacks on September 11 reshaped our world. It led to wars in the Middle East, the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, and fundamentally changed the security landscape and how we perceive conflict.

For over 10 years, New America has been a trusted resource on terrorism, America’s role in the Middle East, and the threat of extremists — both foreign and domestic — to our national security.

New America’s International Security Program is a home for scholars, fellows, and practitioners studying America’s national security from many angles. For more on what America looks like 20 years after 9/11 — and what the next 20 years will bring — please join us for the Future Security Forum, a virtual two day conference on September 13–14 hosted by New America and Arizona State University.

Here are some of our top resources on terrorism since 9/11:

Terrorism in America

Cited in hundreds of media outlets, Terrorism in America is a comprehensive, up-to-date source of information about terrorist acts in the United States and those carried out by Americans overseas. This tentpole resource from New America is continuously updated with acts of terrorism have been perpetrated by domestic and right-wing extremists.
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America’s Counterterrorism Wars

Our ongoing data project tracks America's role in the drone war in Pakistan, air and ground operations in Yemen and Somalia, and our prior project with Air Wars tracked the internationalized air war in Libya.
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World of Drones

Our World of Drones database drew upon media reports and other open source information to track which countries and non-state actors have armed drones or are in the process of developing them; which actors have used armed drones in combat; and which non-state actors are artificially equipping over-the-counter drones with improvised explosives like ISIS, or have obtained military-grade UAVs like Hezbollah.
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Terrorism in America 19 years After 9/11

Since the 9/11 attacks, the terrorist threat facing the United States looks very different from what we once knew. Nineteen years after 9/11, we assessed the risk to the United States from foreign actors, as well as homegrown extremists.
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