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More Than Just the Faucet

What tracking my water use for a week taught me about water security.

More Than Just the Faucet

What tracking my water use for a week taught me about water security.

Can Oil Fund an Independent Scotland Post-Brexit?

Can North Sea oil production make an independent Scotland economically viable?

Food and Oil Shocks Roil Venezuela

The collapse of oil prices has led to food shortages across the country, destabilizing an already fragile society.

The California Drought’s Lessons for Food Security

The drought is hurting one of the world’s most important food producers. How has California’s declining production impacted food prices?

Food Security Poses Governance, Management, and Military Challenges Say Experts

Food and security experts highlighted the multiple layers of challenges posed by food security on international stability at a recent event.

5 Countries to Watch on Water

These five fragile Middle Eastern countries will face increasing water stress over the next quarter-century.

China and India Expected to Drive New Energy Demand Through 2040

The EIA projects a substantial increase in energy demand over the next 25 years, driven largely by the two developing giants.

Arms Race In the Arctic

The U.S. and Russian militaries just took steps to better arm themselves for the newest area of great power competition: the Arctic.

The Lanthanum In Your Lens

Why it takes most of the periodic table to make an iPhone, and why many of those elements aren't mined in the U.S. today.

For Oil and Country

Oil is one of the most precious natural resources on the planet, but do countries actually go to war because of oil?

Kerry Criticizes Trump for Comments on Paris Agreement

The Secretary of State points to the security challenges posed by climate change and why Trump's rejection of Paris is dangerous.

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