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Blogging at the Corner of National Security and Natural Resources


Image of the Week

The Louisiana National Guard and a state emergency.

Image of the Week

The Louisiana National Guard and a state emergency.

Natural Security Under President Obama

How has the U.S. fared on key natural security indicators over the past eight years?

Image of the Week

Climate change was frontstage at the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

From Blue Skies to Black Starts

A summary on today's event.

An Interview with Dr. Nadya Bliss

The newest member of New America’s Resource Security Team.

Is North America the New Saudi Arabia?

Reflections on last week's event.

Image of the Week

Comments on the 126th meeting of the National Petroleum Council.

Will North America Become the Next Saudi Arabia?

Three energy experts discuss the continent's potential as an energy superpower.

Natural Security in the Democratic Party Platform

The Democratic platform highlights the security and economic implications of climate change.

An ‘Elite’ Nuclear Club Keeps India Out... For Now

Indian membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group could have major consequences for climate change.

Natural Security in the GOP Platform

The Republican platform highlights key energy, food, and water issues in its 2016 platform.

Fighting for Resources on Two Fronts

Nigeria faces two independent conflicts in its north and south that threaten the production of two of its most important resources.