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Resource Security News Round Up - 3/24

This week in resource security news.

Energy and Environment Delegation to Japan with Sasakawa USA

Sharon Burke will be leading the delegation of emerging experts to Japan next week to discuss the US-Japan energy relationship.

A Firsthand Account on the Complexity of Weather

We traveled to Portland, Maine in the middle of a snowstorm and learned a thing or two about the weather.

Mattis on Military Energy Security

In yesterday’s hearing on the nomination of General Jim Mattis (USMC, ret) to be Secretary of Defense, Senator Jeanne Shaheen asked about mi

Too Much Natural Security?

What does natural security really mean? Biomimicry? Environmental crime? Or the geopolitics of natural resources? Here's what it means to me

General Jim Mattis Goes Green?

Will the retired Marine general be a closet environmentalist? Probably not, explains Sharon Burke.

There’s a Periodic Table in my Phone?

An overview of rare earth minerals.

COP22 Needs Some Love and Here's Why

COP22 starts next week in Morocco.

LockMart Comes Clean

Lockheed Martin in the clean energy business.

Hydrofluoro-what? An Explanation of the Kigali Deal

Image of the week.

OPEC Ministers Gather in Algiers

Image of the week.

Dam Problems, Security Solutions, and a New White House Memo

The White House released a Presidential Memorandum on climate security yesterday.