About the Geopolitics of Natural Resources

The Resource Security team researches, writes, speaks, and collaborates on a range of international security issues related to natural resources, including energy, climate security, water, food, and critical minerals. Areas of focus include:

The Energy of War: A research project on how energy feeds and shapes modern warfare.

The Things of the Internet: In just 15 years, the world has gone from 400 million Internet users to 3.2 billion, and from 738 million cellular phone subscribers to 7 billion. In this project, “the Internet of Things” meets the “Things of the Internet,” or the minerals and metals that make up the circuits, screens, and batteries behind the meteoric rise of the Information Age. The project will examine how the supply and demand patterns for these materials have changed, and what the implications are for our security, economy, and for clean energy technologies.

Resource Geopolitics: Ongoing research and writing (including the blog Natural Security) on energy, food, water, critical minerals and climate change and the links to global instability, inequality, and conflict.