About Us

Photo: Tony Campbell / Shutterstock.com

New America's Resource Security program looks at the intersection of security, prosperity, and natural resources, or "natural security."

Food, water, fuel, and metals have always formed the foundation of society and the root stock of human security. But natural resources also shape security in other ways. The global trade in oil, for example, has both fueled wars and been the fuel of wars for a century.  Today, a rising world population with information age expectations is changing the shape of this natural security, from the sufficiency of energy, food, and water resources, to new high tech demands for everything from electricity to exotic minerals, to the legacies of the industrial age, such as climate change. 

The Resource Security Group at New America is looking at the shifting patterns of natural security, from local communities to geopolitics. We seek to promote understanding and innovative public policy ideas, actions, and partnerships.

The Resource Security Group is a developmental program at New America, with seed funding from the Hewlett Foundation and the Skoll Global Threats Fund.