Resilient Communities Presents: PNKs!

Blog Post
June 13, 2017

The Resilient Communities team has been working on portable network kits, or what we call PNKs. You may be wondering what is a PNK? Well, a PNK is a quick fast solution for communities or groups of people who are in the middle of any kind of disaster. It will allow people in the area to have access to the internet or even just run locally without the help of the internet, so people can still communicate with one another.

Well, what’s in a PNK? It’s very simple. Here is the list and prices:

  • TP-Link Wireless Router (Access Point)

    • $20-$30

  • Battery Pack(s)

    • $80-$100

  • Raspberry Pi (Local Server)

    • $30-$40

  • Ethernet Cable (bulk)

    • $60-$100 (depends on footage)

  • RJ45 Ethernet Cable Connectors

    • $8-$10

  • RJ45 Crimper

    • $60-$80

  • RJ45 Cable Tester

    • $15-$40

  • Safety Goggles (very stylish)

    • $2-$20

  • Laptop

    • $150-$400

  • Zip Ties

    • $5-$15

  • Wire Clippers

    • $5-$20

  • Headlamp

    • $10-$20

  • Backpack (very stylish)

    • $20-$40

  • Paperclip

    • Borrow one!

 The Resilient Communities team will be presenting the PNKs this weekend at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit. Resilient Communities team members Katherine Ortiz and Raul Enriquez will be using bad theater (a skit created by both Katherine and Raul), a hands-on workshop, and Pop-Ed activities to share tools and strategies on how to set up a portable local WiFi network in a pinch. Participants will walk away with skills to configure and deploy a portable network kit.

 Below find downloadable PDFs to our zine and additional materials for putting together a local server on a Raspberry Pi device.

 PNK Zine Vol.1  RaspberryPi Local Server  Bad Theater