Reaffirming Our Principles

Blog Post
Nov. 16, 2016

In the aftermath of natural or man-made disaster, the political, social, and economic calamities loom so large that they threaten to overcome our learned appreciation for equity, justice, and community. Yet it’s precisely in these painfully, almost hopelessly difficult moments that we have the opportunity to demonstrate our innate resilience, to choose organizing over panicking as we seek a catalytic and collaborative process of transformation.

We use our principles to guide this transformation.

For the Resilient Communities team, these principles advance equity, access, participation, common ownership, and healthy communities. Our principles call for us to work with each other to build our own communication infrastructure in an era of changing climate.

Today we reaffirm these principles. For as Carly Berwick concludes in her excellent write-up of the Resilient Networks for RISE : NYC project:

[…] Access to information and the ability to talk back may be the most valuable survival tool we have. If we know something is dangerous and we consistently and clearly communicate that to those with the power to change it, there may still be a chance to be safe and healthy and free.

It’s a chance we can’t afford to miss.