Obama’s Top Latina Cecilia Muñoz Takes On New Job: Transforming Tech for Public Good

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Media Outlet: NBC Latino

Cecilia Muñoz, Vivian Graubard, and the Public Interest Technology program were featured in an NBC Latino article. 

The highest ranking Latina in the Obama administration as well as a young Latina who spearheaded major White House technology changes have taken on a new job — aiming to transform the way non-profits use tech.
An innovative program will work to pair technological best practices with the work of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), particularly those serving vulnerable communities.
The new Public Interest Technology Initiative at New America — a Washington think tank seeking to bridge the gap between technology and public policy — will be helmed by Cecilia Muñoz, New America’s VP of Policy & Technology, and Vivian Graubard, the group’s Director of Strategy.

In the News:

Cecilia Muñoz is Vice President of Public Interest Technology and Local Initiatives at New America. 

Vivian Graubard is the director of strategy for Public Interest Technology at New America. Prior to joining New America, Graubard worked at the White House under President Obama where she was a founding member of the United States Digital Service and also served as a senior advisor and chief of staff to the United States Chief Technology Officer.