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Fury fuels the modern political climate in US

Lee Drutmanwas quoted in an article on The Hillabout the divisions and intensity of the current political climate.

To begin, the issues at the heart of both the Trump campaign and Hillary Clinton’s campaign touched on the very questions of what it means to be an American.
The economic evolution that has sent manufacturing and extracting industries plunging while service and technology jobs surge has challenged the preconceptions of a generation of Americans accustomed to seeing an assembly line job as a path to middle-class success. 
The influx of immigrants seeking a better life within our borders is speeding a demographic change already well underway due to natural growth in minority communities.
And the small towns that once defined Middle America are dying as big metropolitan areas outpace them in job creation and cultural dominance.
“The things that we’re fighting about are fundamentally different visions of what America is,” said Lee Drutman, a political scientist at New America. “There’s never been a democracy as diverse or unequal as the United States.”