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The Red Tape Conundrum

Lee Drutman was quoted in Fortune about the difficulty of simplifying federal business regulations.

Taking Trump Voters’ Concerns Seriously Means Listening to What They’re Actually Saying

Lee Drutman's piece on race and identity as a central dividing line in politics was cited in Vox.

Trump Poised to Reshape GOP, No Matter What

Lee Drutman was quoted in Christian Science Monitor about the structure of a post-Trump GOP.

What Will Trump Do with Information from Intel Briefing?

Heather Hurlburt joined MSNBC to discuss Donald Trump's first official intelligence briefing.

Lockheed's Top Government Affairs Official Not Registered as Lobbyist

Lee Drutman was quoted in Politico on Robert Rangel's failure to register as a lobbyist.

How the Lobbyists Win in Washington

Lee Drutman's book, the Business of America is Lobbying, was reviewed in the New York Review of Books.

Hi-Tech, Bio-Tech: Unleashing Known Unknowns

Future of War's Heather Roff spoke on "Hi-tech, bio-tech: Unleashing Known Unknowns" at the Halifax International Security Forum, where Poli

Could a Paris-Style Attack Happen in the United States?

Mic spoke with Heather Hurlburt, a policy director at the New America Foundation who worked in the State Department and the White House duri

REPORTIn Fight Against ISIS, Kurds Turn to Allies on K Street

“Given the instability and uncertainty in the Middle East, foreign governments know anything their ambassadors hear will probably be careful

Lecture by Lee Drutman at UPenn

Lee Drutman gave the lecture "The Business of America is Lobbying: How Corporations Became Politicized and Politics Became More Corporate" a

Stuff You Should Know: How Lobbying Works

The popular Stuff You Should Know podcast features the work of New America's Lee Drutman.

Space Property Rights

Mark Schmitt discussed how Congress is delving into space property rights on