In The News

‘How Worried Should I Be?’

Lee Drutman and Yascha Mounk were quoted in a New York Times article about the level of concern over Trump among political scientists.

Emmanuel Macron, the Next President of France

Yascha Mounk was quoted in a Foreign Policy article about how the challenges to French democracy extend beyond this year's election.

Should Congressional Staffers Get A Pay Bump?

Lee Drutman was interviewed by NPR's Audie Cornish about whether Congress should invest more in its staff.

Capitol Improvement

Lee Drutman was featured in CQ Roll Call magazine for his Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group with Kevin Kosar

Apps Make Pestering Congress So Easy That Politicians Can’t Keep Up

Lee Drutman was cited in Wired about the congressional staffing shortage.

Will Trump Target Women’s Programs Worldwide?

Heather Hurlburt was quoted in Foreign Policy about the consequences of President Trump potentially restoring the global gag rule.

Um, Since When Does the Right Wing Like Julian Assange?

Lee Drutman was quoted in Foreign Policy on the power of partisanship.

What’s the Biggest Test Trump Will Face in 2017?

Michael Lind discusses Trump's biggest test in 2017 with Politico

Threats To Democracy Here And Abroad

Yascha Mounk was a guest on the Diane Rehm Show, discussing the warning signs of democratic erosion.

Trump’s Pick for Secretary of State Backs the Paris Climate Deal Trump Would Scrap

Heather Hurlburt was quoted in the Washington Post about Rex Tillerson's stance on the Paris climate deal.

Africa’s Democratic Dreams Flourish

Yascha Mounk's work about the steady decline of faith in democracy was cited in the Financial Times.

How Stable Are Democracies? ‘Warning Signs Are Flashing Red’

The New York Times profiled Yascha Mounk and his forthcoming work on the future of liberal democracies.