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In Search of the American Center

The New York Times featured Lee Drutman's report for Democracy Fund's Voter Study Group.

Why Obama Voters Defected

Lee Drutman's research for the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group was featured in a Slate article about Obama-Trump voters

Trump’s Contradictory Coalition Roils Elections in Virginia, Georgia

Lee Drutman's Voter Study Group research was highlighted in a Washington Post article about how Trump has changed the GOP.

New Study Shows What Really Happened in the 2016 Election

New York magazine featured a write-up of Lee Drutman's recent research for Democracy Fund's Voter Study Group.

K. Sabeel Rahman: Democracy Against Domination & Senator Al Franken: Progressive Resistance and Being Funny Again (M)

K. Sabeel Rahman was interviewed by Majority.FM about his new book, Democracy Against Domination, and how the US could implement more democr

Why The GOP Is So Hell-Bent On Passing An Unpopular Health Care Bill

Lee Drutman was quoted in a FiveThirtyEight article about why the Republicans are so eager to pass their health care legislation.

How Attitudes About Immigration, Race and Religion Contributed to Trump victory

Lee Drutman was quoted in a Washington Post piece about the role that race, immigration, and national identity played in the 2016 election.

Yes, Congress Is Getting Less Smart. No, It’s Not Trump’s Fault.

Lee Drutman was quoted in a Washington Post Wonkblog article about how Congress's lack of resources and staff affects policy.

Paris Pullout Pits Chamber Against Some of Its Biggest Members

Lee Drutman was quoted in a Bloomberg Politics article about the Chamber of Commerce and the Paris Climate Accords.

Yascha Mounk: Is Trump’s Incompetence Saving Us From His Illiberalism?

Yascha Mounk appeared on Vox's podcast The Ezra Klein Show to discuss his research on democracy.

Democratic Norms Are Under Attack, and Not Just by Trump

Lee Drutman was quoted in a Governing article about how state legislators are eroding democratic norms.

Drain the swamp! Is that even possible?

Lee Drutman appeared on the Decode D.C. podcast to discuss whether "draining the swamp" is a realistic goal.