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Fury fuels the modern political climate in US

Lee Drutman was quoted in an article on The Hill about the divisions and intensity of the current political climate.

The Lobbying Business on The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton

Lee Drutman appeared on the Fox News show The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton to talk about his book The Business of America is Lobbying a

What’s ‘Proportional Voting,’ and Why Is It Making a Comeback?

Lee Drutman talked about how some problems in US politics could be addressed with proportional voting on Governing.

Lobbyists Go Underground

Lee Drutman's work on congressional capacity was referenced in an article from The Economist.

A Big Idea To Reduce Partisanship, Save Government Money And Give Voters A Voice

Steve Bannon May be Gone, but Economic Nationalism is Here to Stay

Lee Drutman was mentioned in a Financial Post article about how the shift towards economic nationalism is greater than Steve Bannon.

Democrats Have Their Own Challenges In Talking About Racial Issues In The Trump Era

Lee Drutman's voter study was referenced in Perry Bacon Jr.'s FiveThirtyEight article about the difficulty Democrats are having navigating t

How Trump Won, in Two Dimensions

Lee Drutman's voter study was covered in a Wall Street Journal article about why that data both explains what happened in 2016 and what the

Jeff Flake Is Not the Future of the Republican Party

Lee Drutman was cited by Reihan Salam in Slate for a piece about why Jeff Flake is too much of a 20th century Republican to effectively take

Democrats Can Abandon the Center -- Because the Center Doesn't Exist

Lee Drutman's voter study was referenced in a New York Magazine article about how Democrats should think about reaching voters with policy.

Trump Wants a Culture War. Are Democrats Ready to Fight Back?

Lee Drutman was quoted in a piece from the New Republic about how issues of culture and economy are going head-to-head in our current politi

The Return of the One-Term Presidency?

Lee Drutman was referenced in an Atlantic article about the potential of a one-term Trump presidency and the challenge facing Democrats.