About the Congressional Capacity Project

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Over the last several decades, Congress has de-invested in its own staff capacity, leaving its policymaking increasingly reliant on outside forces. Turnover is high, and staffers are spread thin. As one congressional staffer put it in a recent survey, “If you wanted a legislative branch run by K Street lobbyists and 25-year-old staffers, mission accomplished.”

The Congressional Capacity Project is exploring ways to build Congressional capacity so that Congress can again think for itself again without having to rely on lobbyists and special interests for policy expertise. Working with the R Street Institute, we have established the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group to create an enduring, bipartisan space to assess the capacity of Congress to perform its constitutional duties and to collaborate on ideas for improving the legislative branch’s performance in our separation of powers system.

Meetings are open to Capitol Hill Staff, academics, and anyone who cares about the well-being of America’s legislative branch. For an invitation, please click here.

The Project Directors of the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group are:

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Selected previous works, as featured at the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group.