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Trump’s Messy, Mostly Successful Israel Visit

Heather Hurlburtwrote for New Yorkmagazine about reactions to Trump's recent Israel visit: 

President Trump’s plane hadn’t cleared Israeli airspace Tuesday before writers in the Middle East and at home began trying to figure out what the visit had meant. This was made harder because Israelis, true to the stereotype — two Israelis, three opinions — didn’t agree. Prime Minister Netanyahu and many legislators professed themselves delighted. But a key center-left figure called the visit “a missed opportunity of historic proportions.” The Israeli intelligence community was less tactful, using words like “horrifying” to describe an American president who shared Israel’s most sensitive intelligence findings with Russia. And that was before Trump brushed Netanyahu aside to tell the media that it was all okay because he never said the word “Israel” to the Russians — thus marking the first time a U.S. official had suggested in public that the sensitive material released came from Israel.