A Lobbyist Just for You

Any attempt to directly limit the participation of corporate lobbyists in the political process runs immediately into the practical problem

What if you had as much political influence as a billionaire?

The traditional approach to reducing the influence of economic inequality on democracy has been to limit those fat checks, by capping indivi

More Campaign Spending From More People

In the five years since the Citizens United decision, the campaign-finance reform movement has worked its way through the five stages of gri

Is it possible to spend too much money in politics? Sheldon Adelson is about to find out.

Good politics might be described as the art of cloaking your special interest in the general interest. But when you become the symbol of bi

The Fear Playbook

Yes, fear has a playbook. And while the political environment has changed importantly in the last decade, many of the same dynamics still ap

The Overpaid CEO

There have been many attempts to curb exorbitant executive pay. But we won’t fix the problem until we address the nature of the corporation.