People think Congress is increasing its staff. So Congress might as well actually do it.

Over the past several months, I've repeatedly made the case that there's a simple solution that would dramatically reduce the unwelcome infl

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Barton Swaim, whose short, acid memoir, The Speechwriter, has been riding a wave of adulation from reviewers in the New York Times and the W

Money in politics is a major story in the 2016 campaign. Here are 3 big open questions.

It's now six years since Citizens United and related decisions ushered campaign finance into the Super PAC era. Things certainly feel differ

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But beyond just understanding the potential for Trump's support, this simple analysis should tell us something larger and perhaps more profo

How Much Value do Debates Have?

WJLA-TV chatted to New America's Lee Drutman about why debate performance is a lousy predictor of presidential potential.

How An anti-corruption candidate could make a difference in The presidential race

Certainly, one can accuse Democrats of supporting reform in principle while taking large sums of money from wealthy donors in practice. But

Measure seeks to reveal names, funding behind indirect lobbying

But distinguishing between different kinds of advocates is very difficult, said Lee Drutman, a senior fellow on political reform at the New

Want to be president? Show us how you’d handle a disaster.

Instead of spending the week after a debate arguing over who had the best comeback or the worst gaffe, maybe we’d get the kind of Monday-mor

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As the tragedy of the commons teaches, the cattle can graze on the shared land for only so long. The policy process in Washington looks more

Can Humanitarian Intervention Be Saved From Its Friends?

President Barack Obama has now used force or supported others’ use of force for humanitarian purposes more times than George W. Bush or Bill

The debate over state polarization and campaign finance laws continues

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, polarization is a function of many, many things, and it’s hard to imagine how changing limits on what

Democrats Work to Blunt GOP Attacks on Global Affairs in 2016

Heather Hurlburt, who studies policy and political discourse at the New America think tank, said Democrats or Republicans trying to influenc