Financial Inclusion

John Liu

The Financial Inclusion & Citizen Participation (FI&CP) project is a unique collaboration between Public Interest Technology and the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth (MCIG), with support from Mastercard & the New America National Network. This is a rare opportunity to combine the talents and resources of public, private, and academic institutions for the purpose of improving the lives of people-at-risk. The FI&CP project is developing unique insights into the connections between use of consumer credit, place, and financial services access. The p3GIS (public and private participation geographic information systems) project aims to explore ways to develop methods for accessing disparate data sources that are used to evaluate community financial health, utilize project partner datasets to develop financial profiles of four study areas, and communicate the results of the study to consumers. 

Source: Phillip Capper

February 9, 2018

We need a comprehensive understanding of the economic life of low and moderate income communities.