[ONLINE] - Stretch Your Impact: Building Pathways Towards Tech for Good Careers


As we near the end of the Summer Series, we will be putting everything together and thinking about making careers in the tech for good/public interest technology field. Students working towards this goal will join us to discuss their trajectories and support others looking to enter this worthwhile arena. Bring your thoughts and questions and join us as we stretch into tech for good career pathways!

Our guests for session 5 of the “Stretch Your Impact” Summer Series will share their journeys into the technology for social good field. We will be joined by MIT PhD students Serena Booth, Tan Zhi Xuan, and Willie Boag, and Oxford Professor Milo Phillips-Brown for an interactive discussion on building career pathways in public interest technology. Learn more about our guests by following the links below!

For more information on the final session of the summer series or previous sessions, please go to https://pkgcenter.mit.edu/event-category/summer-series/.