Teresa Basilio Gaztambide

Teresa Basilio Gaztambide was the deputy director of New America’s Resilient Communities program. Basilio Gaztambide received her B.A. in philosophy from Boston College and her M.A. in transnational and international education from Teachers College Columbia University. Prior to joining New America, Basilio Gaztambide was the co-executive director of Global Action Project (G.A.P.)  a social justice youth media organization that works with youth most impacted by injustice to build the knowledge, tools, and relationships needed to create media for community power, cultural expression, and political change.  Basilio Gaztambide played a key leadership role in G.A.P's renewed focus to foster the next generation of social justice media leaders dedicated to building communities and movements for social justice. Some of her accomplishments included: co-writing and publishing G.A.P.’s core curriculum; directing the Media In Action initiative, a new model of sustained national partnerships with grassroots organizing groups; and the research and publication of Media in Action: Field Scan of Media and Youth Organizing in the U.S., a three-year research project that uplifts the transformational media organizing work being led by young people throughout the country. Basilio Gaztambide is also a multidisciplinary artist and organizer and has received numerous grants and residencies for her art and activism work. Her latest production Voces de Fillmore is a short documentary on the experiences of Puerto Rican families who live in one block in the neighborhood of Los Sures in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the impact of the gentrification and displacement of their community. She believes in the beauty and power of cultural practices as integral to struggles for self-determination and resistance to injustice.