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Tarah Wheeler

Tarah Wheeler (MS, CSM, CSD, CISSP) is a fellow in New America’s Cybersecurity Initiative. Wheeler is an information security researcher, author, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, nonprofit founder, scientist, and poker player. She is the lead author of the best-selling Women In Tech: Take Your Career to The Next Level With Practical Advice And Inspiring Stories. She has been senior director of engineering and principal security advocate at Symantec Website Security. She founded and now sits on the board of Fizzmint, an end-to-end secure HR management company. She has led projects at Microsoft Game Studios (Halo and Lips) and architected systems at encrypted mobile communications firm Silent Circle. She founded the Red Queen Group, including Red Queen Technologies and Red Queen Security, Infosec Unlocked (initiative to add diversity in infosec conference speakers), and Hack The People Foundation (nonprofit mentorship initiative focused on underprivileged people in technology). Reach her at @tarah.