Roselyn Miller

Millennial Public Policy Fellow

Roselyn Miller is a Millennial Public Policy Fellow for New America’s Better Life Lab. Miller, a Long Beach, Calif. native with roots in the Bay Area, holds a bachelor of arts in anthropology from Stanford University. While at Stanford she studied urban structures and relationships between the public and private sector, particularly in relation to the U.S. government, philanthropy, and nonprofit work. With a wide breadth of policy interests, Miller is most passionate about social impact policy and poverty alleviation.

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Time to Love and Learn

A love letter to working single parents who do the work of learning and loving.

Millennials are Killing the Millennials Industry

Hard-to-reach populations aren’t that hard to reach at all, they simply require different skill sets and a bit more thoughtful planning.

Stop Blaming Black Women for the Black Maternal Health Crisis and Start Blaming American Workplaces

Roselyn Miller wrote for BLL on Slate about America’s deteriorating work conditions & skyrocketing black infant mortality.

Good Grief, It's Christmas

The holiday season is difficult for many people. By asking questions and listening openly, we can thoughtfully support them.

Why Paid Leave Advocates Are Skeptical About a Last-Minute GOP Tax Incentive for Paid Leave

Lawmakers should use the national interest in paid leave as a catalyst to revisit research on paid leave.

Why We Want You to Slide into our DMs

While we live in a 140-character world, we know that greater engagement and deeper understanding are just a DM away.

Meritocracy, the American Dream, and Other Fairy Tales

How the American Dream™ is used as an excuse to justify privilege and de-legitimize the struggles of vulnerable yet resilient communities.