Rachelle Hampton

Rachelle Hampton is a senior at Northwestern University. Her work has been published in Smithsonian MagazineIn These TimesSlate and The Chicago Defender. She was previously an editorial intern at New America.

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Let’s Talk About the Fantasy That Was Pepsi’s Performative Protest

Pepsi's cringeworthy protest ad featuring Kendall Jenner is easily consumed because it isn't grounded in reality..

The Infinite Appeal of Black Twitter

Eleven years after it was launched, Twitter has become the lifeblood of a social movement—and a source of exploitation.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Teenage Girls. But There’s Something Wrong With Us.

The debate over Teen Vogue’s political coverage shows an issue with how we view teenage girls.

How People Become Terrorists

Terrorism is an expression of political violence—to divorce it from that context is to make the same mistakes in the future.

Feminism Doesn't Have to Be Comfortable for Everyone

The trickle-down equality that mainstream feminism advocates for isn’t enough—true equality demands that we be urgent and unyielding.

The Spawn of Frankenstein: A Future Tense Event Recap

Rachelle Hampton wrote for Slate about the Spawn of Frankenstein event.

Beyond the "Peaceful" Protest

Treating peacefulness and respectability as measures of a protest's validity ensures that only certain voices will be heard.