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The New Black Politics

P.R. Lockhart examines how and why the 2016 presidential candidates are having such a difficult time determining how to appeal to black vote

The Criminal Justice Conflict

A struggle is emerging between those pushing for bipartisan criminal justice reform and others who say building reform efforts around “nonvi

Dempsey: Battle against ISIS could take 20 years

International Security Program Fellow Tara Maller speaks with On Air with Shepard Smith about the battle against ISIS. Watch the video here.

The Struggle Continues

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act. Journalist Ari Berman and civil rights experts gathered at New America NYC t

Taking Aim at Student Debt

This year’s class of college graduates is the most indebted in history and there looks to be no end in sight to the onslaught of student deb

Whither Wi-Fi?

Find out what a panel of experts at a recent New America event had to say about a highly anticipated FCC ruling and how it could impact th

Can Criminal Justice Reform Cross the Aisle?

How will criminal justice reform shape the upcoming 2016 elections? Experts weighed in at a recent event sponsored by New America and the Br

Breaking the Millennial Debt Spiral

Economists, researchers, and policymakers are all working to increase Millennials' financial capability Millennials’ financial capability. E

Getting Creative to Combat Domestic Violence

To address social problems like domestic violence in immigrant communities, the trick is balancing finding allies with fostering internal ch

Draining the School to Prison Pipeline

Black students are three times as likely as their white peers to be suspended from school. Find out what a panel of experts had to say about

Community Policing’s Crisis

Addressing the issues within policing requires police officers and communities to actively work to understand one another.