Lee Drutman

Senior Fellow, Political Reform Program

Lee Drutman is a senior fellow in the Political Reform program at New America. He is the author of The Business of America is Lobbying (Oxford University Press, 2015) and winner of the 2016 American Political Science Association's Robert A. Dahl Award, given for "scholarship of the highest quality on the subject of democracy." In addition, he writes regularly for Polyarchy, a Vox blog. An expert on lobbying, influence, and money in politics, he has also been quoted and/or cited in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Economist, Slate, Mother Jones, The Atlantic, Business Insider, National Review, Politico, and many other publications, and on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Planet Money, This American Life, Marketplace, Washington Journal, and The Colbert Report, among other programs.

Drutman also teaches in the Center for Advanced Governmental Studies at The Johns Hopkins University. Prior to coming to New America, Drutman was a senior fellow at the Sunlight Foundation and has worked in the U.S. Senate and at the Brookings Institution. He holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of California, Berkeley and a B.A. from Brown University.

All Work

The Conservative Inequality Paradox

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America Is Not a ‘Center-Right Nation’

Lee Drutman's VOTER study was quoted in a New York Times article about how Americans tend to lean more center-left than center-right.

The 2020 Case for an Unreconstructed Bernie Sanders

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The Case for Centrist ‘Triangulation’ in the Trump Era Is Hilariously Weak

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Checks and Balances

Lee Drutman's arguments for third parties was referenced by Francis Fukuyama on The American Interest.

It’s the Culture, Stupid

Lee Drutman wrote about how the Democratic Party should re-examine identity politics The New Republic.

Tax reform and the uptick in lobbying efforts

Lee Drutman was interviewed on Marketplace about how lobbyists might get involved in the new efforts to reform the tax code.

Yes, the Republican Party has become pathological. But why?

For Vox's Polyarchy blog, Lee Drutman explained why he blames the current problems in the Republican Party on flaws in the American democrat

Fury fuels the modern political climate in US

Lee Drutman was quoted in an article on The Hill about the divisions and intensity of the current political climate.

We Need Political Parties. But Their Rabid Partisanship Could Destroy American Democracy.

Lee Drutman wrote for Vox's Big Idea series on the precarious balance between healthy and unhealthy partisanship.

The Lobbying Business on The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton

Lee Drutman appeared on the Fox News show The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton to talk about his book The Business of America is Lobbying a

What’s ‘Proportional Voting,’ and Why Is It Making a Comeback?

Lee Drutman talked about how some problems in US politics could be addressed with proportional voting on Governing.