Kyle Halle-Erby

Fellow, New America CA

Kyle Halle-Erby was a 2017 New America CA fellow. Halle-Erby is a teacher at San Francisco International High School, a public school exclusively serving newcomer immigrants who are also learning English. Halle-Erby's work at SF International focuses on building supported pathways to and through college and career with an innovative three-pronged approach: layered support for success in higher education; scaffolded college and career pathways; and, language development and career exploration. Halle-Erby came to work in schools because he believes that they can operate as crawl spaces where we can practice new ways of building relationships, resolving conflicts and determining value. He is grateful for his brilliant students and tireless colleagues.

Halle-Erby is from Baltimore, and came to the Bay by way of a Fulbright grant in Riohacha, Colombia where he ran digital storytelling projects. Halle-Erby received a MA in education from Stanford University and a BA magna cum laude from Tufts University.