Krish Lingala

Krish Lingala was an editorial intern at New America. 

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Taking Voting Rights Beyond the Court

A wave of attacks on voting rights and fair representation can't make us lose sight of opportunities to make more Americans' voices heard.

Donald Trump's Budget Is a Whirlwind of Head-spinning Cuts—New America Can Put It in Perspective

From austerity to math mistakes, let our experts guide you through the minefield of proposed cuts

Bridging Immigration Policy Divides by Acknowledging Our Differences

State efforts to bridge divisions over immigration and come together for solutions represent some of the most promising arenas for change.

For Journalists Covering the Toughest Stories, Protection Can Be Thin

Journalists looking to tell tough stories today face an increasingly wrenching choice between their mission and their livelihood.

Factoring Schools into the Calculus of City Budgeting

There's an unlikely source of input into Austin's public budget—the city's public school students.

After Assad, What's Next? Listening to Syrian-Americans.

Including Syrian and Syrian-American voices in conversations ought to be key to policymaking.

Trump’s Opioid Plan and the Bones of the War on Drugs

The Trump administration’s opioid policy conjures past controversy over the federal government's 'War on Drugs.'