Hana Passen

Associate Director, National Network

Hana Passen is the Associate Director for New America’s National Network. Her responsibilities include project management for the Reinventing the Think Tank Initiative and coordinating New America’s growth into a nationally networked organization. Her topics of interest include civic technology and inclusive governance, network management, and intersectionality as it relates to a variety of public policy issues.

Previously, Hana was the Special Assistant to the President at New America, where she produced analysis on topics of interest to Anne-Marie Slaughter, primarily in the fields of international relations and domestic family policy. She also managed Dr. Slaughter’s calendar, meetings, and travel related to New America and personal business and coordinated the business of New America’s Board of Directors.

Hana has worked as an intern with the Liberian Ministry of Health’s National Malaria Control Program, developing content for community behavior change and education materials, analyzing community case management trials to determine best practices, and producing project proposals for UNICEF Funding. She has also worked as an intern for the Educational Testing Service, writing test questions for the Test of English for International Communication, and for the U.S. Department of State’s Regional Labor Office in Johannesburg, South Africa, reporting on labor union and business activity, generating monthly newsletters on labor activity, and producing content for the Department of State’s annual Human Rights Report. She holds a B.A. from Princeton University in Classics, with a focus on political theory.

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