Work Gender

Haley Swenson

Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow, Better Life Lab

Haley Swenson is a Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow and the editor of the Better Life Lab's Slate channel, which showcases the latest research and writing on American families, gender parity, and work-life balance. She has written extensively on the difficulties of advancing gender and racial equality while American families struggle to navigate the new economy.

After earning a BA from Vanderbilt University, Swenson earned an MA and a PhD in women's, gender, and sexuality studies from The Ohio State University. Her dissertation was titled Reproducing Inequality: Cooking, Cleaning, and Caring in the Austerity Age. Before coming to New America, Swenson taught college writing courses, as well as a variety of courses on gender and work-related topics. She is a long-time community activist and has volunteered on a variety of campaigns, ranging from housing justice to reforming campus sexual assault policies. 

Swenson grew up in a small town in Utah and returns home as often as possible to breathe in the mountain air and to visit her overworked but close-knit family. At her new home in Washington, D.C., she shares household chores with her roommates: her younger sister and her cat, Shosanna.