Gary Barker

Gary Barker is the director of Promundo, an international organization that works for gender equality and engaging men as full and equal caregivers. 

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Why Men Harass

Hint: It has to do with the fact that we make boys into harassers every day.

What Brazilians Lost in the Coup

Gary Barker wonders whether progressive policies will be ousted along with Dilma Rousseff.

Why America’s Fathers Aren’t Living Up to Expectations

Elizabeth Weingarten and Gary Baker writes for Time about the need for American fathers to be more involved in the home.

How to Get to Zero AIDS Deaths: Bring in the Men

Men don’t talk about or seek treatment for medical ailment, including HIV/AIDS. And that’s a problem writes Gary Barker.

Have D.C.'s Goals for Paid Leave Gone Too Far? Not Even Close

Gary Barker argues that paid, equal parental leave makes us all better off.

Moving Beyond Rape as a Weapon of War in Democratic Republic of the Congo

In Democratic Republic of the Congo, rape isn’t restricted to the battlefield, and Alexa Hassink and Gary Barker argue that we need to stop

Punishment Wins Over Prevention in Brazil

Brazil's Congress is considering a measure to lower the age of criminal responsibility from 18 to 16. Promundo's Gary Barker outlines how th

Changing the Debate on Sex Work

As Amnesty International considers decriminalizing sex work, Gary Barker underlines the need to highlight what healthy sexuality looks like

Be a Good Dad for Gender Equality

In the wake of State of the World's Fathers, the first global analysis of fatherhood released this week, Promundo founder Gary Barker argues