David Rothstein

Research Fellow, Asset Building Program

As a research fellow in New America's Asset Building program, David Rothstein uses his experience at the state level in Ohio to examine the national impact of tax, housing and consumer financial protection policy.

Rothstein is also a researcher at Policy Matters Ohio and project director for the Ohio CASH Coalition. There, David researches and advocates on asset building, consumer protection, tax and housing issues. Rothstein produces annual reports on foreclosures, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and free tax preparation. Rothstein has provided testimony to Congress, the Ohio General Assembly, the Ohio Attorney General, and several Commissions. He has authored dozens of research reports and briefs, editorial pieces, and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, and most Ohio media markets. Along with former State Treasurer Richard Cordray, he helped craft the Ohio EITC Commission for best practices in free tax preparation and EITC outreach. In 2011, David launched the Ohio CASH Coalition, which is Ohio’s asset building and income security collaborative for capacity building and public policy.

Some of his policy successes include the IRS VITA grant program for free tax preparation, payday lending reform in Ohio, the Ohio Save NOW program, and foreclosure relief programs at the municipal and state level.

He proudly serves on the Steering Committees for the National Community Tax Coalition and the Cuyahoga EITC Coalition, co-chairing their advocacy working groups. He is also on the research advisory committee for the CFED Assets and Opportunities Scorecard project, implementing their work in Ohio. His work blends quantitative and qualitative methods to understand complex public policies. Rothstein has a BA from John Carroll University in political science and a master’s from Kent State University.

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