Christopher Sadler

Education Data and Privacy Fellow, Open Technology Institute

Christopher Sadler is the Education Data and Privacy fellow at New America’s Open Technology Institute. Sadler joins New America from Federal Student Aid, where as a senior analyst, he worked on risk management, cybersecurity, and fraud issues.

A rare Washington D.C. native, Sadler holds an M.A. in government from Johns Hopkins (writing a Harold Seidman Award winning thesis on the financial crisis) and a B.S. in environmental science from Virginia Tech.

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Protecting Privacy with Secure Multi-Party Computation

MPC provides the ability to compute values from multiple encrypted data sources without any party having to reveal their private data.

Protecting Privacy in a Postsecondary Student Data System

The College Transparency Act of 2017 would create a new postsecondary student data system, but privacy & security are central to any debate.