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Finding Inspiration in the Messy Muck of Protest

A book about the female codebreakers of World War II shows the radical resilience of women pushing back against a sexist society.

Toeing the Line Between Censorship and Content Moderation

A recent conversation grappled with the slippery slope of having the technical capability, and willingness, to remove objectionable content.

An Old-school Solution for an Information Age Problem

Apprenticeships have long been a source of work-based learning for a variety of trades. Now they're entering a new industry: cybersecurity.

The Magic of a One-Night-Only Show

In an age of oversharing, Pop-Up Magazine wants to give audience members an experience curated just for them.

The Hidden History of America's 'Code Girls'

How the stories of the female codebreakers of World War II, for so long redacted from the pages of history, inspire women today.

Understanding the 'Color of Money'

A recent event explored America's gnawing racial wealth gap—and how the country might close that divide.

Governing the Future of the Internet

The internet is owned by nobody—so how do we decide who governs it?

How to Win a War of Ideas

Unlike most wars, killing the enemy and policing land don't capture the territory that matters.