Ben Gregori

Intern, Blockchain Trust Accelerator

Ben Gregori is an intern at the Blockchain Trust Accelerator (BTA) at New America. He will assist with blog content creation and syndication, organizing events, supporting strategic partnerships, and continue growing the BTA online community. Gregori became interested in blockchain after discovering its wide range of potential applications outside of cryptocurrency while working in Silicon Valley. Particularly, he is interested in the new forms of social and economic organization and cooperation that are enabled by blockchain technologies. Gregori graduated from the University of California Berkeley with a dual bachelor's degree in political science and classical history. Prior to joining the BTA, Gregori worked at LinkedIn in digital advertising strategy for five years, and is currently pursuing his master's degree in international political economy at the Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). He hopes to apply his learnings to future academic research and pursue a career in digital technology policy.