Ariana Natalie Myers

Ariana Natalie Myers is a historian and researcher driven by the desire to understand the roots of modern systems of oppression and marginalization. Her research interests include the medieval history of religion, slavery, and race.

She has taught a wide range of history courses at Princeton University, ranging from the Roman Empire to World War II. She has worked closely with Princeton’s Gender & Sexuality Resource Center, serving on an administrative committee advocating for inclusive policy measures on campus.

She also served as a coordinator for one of the Center’s support groups. She has been working with New America’s Center on Education & Labor to research the scholarly literature on supporting adult learners during the COVID-19 recovery.

She graduated summa cum laude with an A.B in History, Spanish, and Classical Languages from Ripon College, holds an M.A. from Princeton University, and will be completing her Ph.D. in History at Princeton in the summer of 2022.