Albert Ford

Albert Ford was a policy analyst with the International Security program at New America. His work included maintaining and expanding the program’s International Security Data Site, which includes comprehensive information regarding cases of homegrown extremism in the United States and tracks U.S.-conducted air and drone strikes, as well as Special Forces raids, in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. With the ISP team, he also researched the ISIS foreign fighter phenomenon, was a co-author for ISP's March 2016 "ISIS in the West: The Western Militant Flow to Syria and Iraq" report, and focused on issues related to terrorism and extremism and their threat to and existence in the West. He is a co-author for ISP's September 2017 report "Jihadist Terrorism 16 Years after 9/11: A Threat Assessment." Previously, he edited and assisted with Foreign Policy magazine’s South Asia Channel.

Prior to joining New America, Albert lived in Cape Town, South Africa and worked for a marketing communications firm. He graduated with a B.A. in government from Georgetown University in 2014, has internship experience with The Detroit News and U.S. House of Representatives, and is originally from the Detroit, Michigan area.