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First 3.5 GHz Test Likely This Fall, WInnForum Says

Michael Calabrese was quoted in Communications Daily on the 3.5 GHz tests: 

The group said its "work plan supports the FCC's goal of SAS certification by the end of this year. "The WInnForum is using an incremental certification model tied to the standards evolution," the group said. The WInnForum said it's "working to support" the first auction of PALs next year. 

Several members said Friday the statement appears to be an accurate reflection of where the group is headed on the 3.5 GHz band. 

"The Public Interest Spectrum Coalition has been monitoring the WInnForum process and is generally pleased with the progress on consensus implementation rules," said Michael Calabrese, director of the Wireless Future Program at New America. One potential "sticking point" has been the tranparency of SASs, the privately operated databases the FCC will certify to manage dynamic sharing of the band, he said. "Our groups have urged the FCC to ensure that a SAS is certified only if it will enable robust public access across the entire band of GAA basis, as the commission intended in its final order."